Blackcreek Black Oak Round Butcher Block ø 40 cm

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This butcher block can be used to cut or serve your favorite meals. It is made by hand and carved from a single piece of wood. There are no glue seems. This block measures ø 40 cm x 7 cm.

The oak wood items in this Blackline collection utilizes a natural reactive process to darken the wood. No pigments are used to create the black color. This unique technique works with the tannic acid that is inherent in white oak to develop a deep, durable, food safe dye. Natural dyes will wear over time. As with most natural processes, some variation in color is to be expected.

After years working in the furniture and interiors industry Joshua Vogel created Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. as a way to explore small scale product design and manufacturing, and to reconnect himself with the practice and idea of handmade goods. 

Blackline kitchenwares can be used as you would use other wood items in the kitchen. Wash with soap and water before initial use and after each use. Some color may bleed initially. The finish is surprisingly resiliant and to some extent “self-healing’. Never use chemicals such as bleach or ammonia on your wooden kitchenware. Leaving food to sit on wooden kitchenware for extended periods of time is inadvisable in general. It should be noted that highly acidic foods, such as lemons or limesstrawberries or raspberries if left to sit on Blackline wares will affect the natural dye. 

If wood is dry or finish appears dull, maintain with regular applications of Blackcreek cutting board oil. Think of oiling as a protective moisturizing step for your wood. We recommend applying a liberal amount of cutting board oil to dry wood with either a brush or clean cloth. Allow the oil to absorb into the wood (we usually let it sit overnight). Wipe off any excess oil with a clean, dry cloth or a paper towel. Clean up with soap and water. After approximately three applications of cutting board oil, you should notice that your spoon will become much more resilient to normal use, and require less frequent oiling.

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