Futagami Matureware Brass Door Latch Flat

€165,00 Incl. tax
Delivery time: within 2 months (made to order)


This is the most beautiful door lock for your toilet or any other room that does not require a heavy duty lock. It comes in two styles Flat or Corner, depending on the position of your door. And in two sizes:

Short: 73 mm (w) x 42 mm (h) x 39 mm (d)

Long: 73 mm (w) x 42 mm (h) x 47,5 mm (d)

This product is made of solid brass with no pleating nor painting. It has a bright polish at first, but the color gradually gets darker to show a distinctive patina due to oxidization. If you prefer the bright look, you can always polish it to bring back the original color.

This product is designed by Yamazaki Yoshiki and Oji Masanori and it is part of the new Matureware collection. The latches are made in a brass foundry established in 1897 in the city of Takaoka, Japan. To create the hooks, melted brass is poured into molds made out of hardened sand. The molds are then cracked to remove the cast brass hooks. Then the hooks are filed and sanded to create a semi-smooth sandy and unique surface, called Ihada.

In order to bring back the original bright polish, you can use a cloth and polish made for brass. Wash afterwerths with a dishwashing detergent, then rinse with water and dry completely. 

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