Hornvarefabrikken Horn Comb

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A comb of horn is beautiful and incredibly comfortable to use because of the horn's softness and warmth. The horn comb will never become statically electric because it consists of the same material as your hair. Horn smoothes the hair and closes its scales. And the keratin of the comb also helps to close the cuticle scales. Making your hair shinier and healthier.
Size 15 cm.


The foundation for Hornvarefabrikken has been laid during the Penisular War from 1807-14, a Danish marine – Knud Høj from Nees Parish – was captured in England. While he was a prisoner of war, he learned the art of making spoons from horn. When he returned to his native country, he started a small production of hornware. Others were inspired to learn the craft as well, as the poor subsistence farmers in the area could always use a secondary source of income. Since 2008 artisan Sara Bruun Buch is in charge of Hornvarefabrikken. The work processes are mainly the same as they were two hundred years ago, when this type of small-scale artisanship was common in these parts of Denmark.

Clean your horn comb in lukewarm running water without soap or solvents. Dry off the items directly.
Never soak horn item in a tub. You may dip the items in cold or lukewarm water, but no more than that. Dry off the items directly. Never use hot water.
Do not leave fine-toothed combs unsecured in a bag or purse, as teeth are liable to snap off. Store your comb in a holder.

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