Redecker Long Handled Goat Hair Duster 120 cm

€48,00 Incl. tax

This long handled broom is specially designed for removing dust of high and hard to reach surfaces. The tip of this broom has two different holes for the handle, this makes it very easy to reach angled surfaces. 
ø 17,5 cm and length handle 120 cm.

Goat hair, metal and waxed beechwood.

After Friedrich Redecker started to become blind at the age of four and even operations could not make any real improvement, he was enrolled in the Soest school for the blind, where he received the standard training for the blind of the time: the craft of making brushes. Because Friedel Redecker had an entrepeneurial spirit, he built up a small company over time, with which he could provide for his wife and three sons. He was highly disciplined and kept on plying his trade until his death at the age of 72. Nowadays Friedrichs youngest son, Gernot Redecker and his son Felix are continiuing the Redecker tradition.

The best way to care these precious brushes and dusters made of the hair of Chinese long-haired goats or horsehair is the same as your own hair: with lukewarmwater and a mild shampoo (or mild detergent solution). After washing, wrap in a towel and press dry and hang out in the fresh air or indoors at room temperature to dry (please don’t ever lay the brushes on the heater to dry, otherwise the soft bristles may dry out). Then comb out gently using a metal comb and then hang on a hook or lay flat for storage. Then you will enjoy these high-quality products for a long time.

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