Pallarès Solsona Handmade Carbon Steel & Violeta wood Kitchen Knife

€21,95 Incl. tax


The perfect kitchen knife, made out of carbon steel and a beautiful ebonywood handle. This is the knife you will probably use everyday. Each piece is hand-stamped.
Size 24 cm knife and 13 cm blade.

Carbon steel and violeta wood.

The knife industry is a tradition in Solsona that dates back to the sixteenth century. The company Pallarès, founded in 1917, is today the only testimony to Solsona’s renowned knife-making industry. Throughout its history, Cuchillería Pallarès has chosen and still chooses the materials seeking out the highest quality, and its main aim is the quality of the cutting edge, which is why all knives are sharpened by hand.

Carbon steel is harder than stainless steel and it will keep its sharp edge longer before needing to be sharpened. But you have to give it some love and attention. Always make sure to keep your knive dry as carbon steel will rust when it remains wet. The best thing is to clean it with dry kitchen paper or a
kitchen towel. If you need to clean the knive with water, dry it quickly and put some oil on the blade. Oil creates a layer that prevents oxidation.

If the blade has some rust, you can clean the blade with a scouring pad and vinegar or lemon. After this wash your knife very well with water and then dry it.

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