Postalco Dark Blue Felt Wallet / Card Holder

€45,00 Incl. tax

This two pocket case keeps your cards close at hand. It folds extremely flat when empty but the pockets pop open to encase the thickness of about 16 credit cards. Also holds folded cash and coins. Cotton fabric lining added to inside pockets for durability. Stitched flap allows the wallet to open completely for easy pocket access. Postalco’s signature cut brass snap closure riveted to flap. When empty thickness is only 9mm.
Size 7,7 x 11,5 cm.
Farmer’s Felt is used to make our first completely leather-free and vegetarian wallet. Less than half the weight of leather of the same thickness, Farmer’s Felt is an interlocked vegetable fiber felt made mainly with kozo (paper mulberry). This exceptionally thick hand-screened washi is less like paper and more like a layer of felt. With use the wallet fibers relax and Farmer’s Felt molds to the contents carried developing a sheen and patina.

In 2000 Mike Abelson, who was a designer of bags in New York, noticed that his wife Yuri, a graphic designer, was having difficulty carting around A4 size papers. He created an envelope-shaped case for her, with a button closure, and cloth and leather he happened to have on hand. That modest beginning led to the founding of Postalco. Now Postalco is based in Tokyo for over a decade, working with traditional Japanese skills and methods to produce the finest stationary, bags and rainwear. What sets Postalco’s designs apart are their supreme utility and ineffable warmth blended with the beauty of understatement.

When wet, softly pat dry with a soft cloth.

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