Postalco Photo Holder A4 Tan

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These days we take more photos than ever before. That is funny since I actually look at the photos that I took less than ever before. All those digital photos seem to be swallowed up by hard drives and clouds. Postalco made this photo album to give some of the best memories a place to be seen. This album is wrapped with Pressed Cotton fabric and made by hand in Japan. A metal screw binding allows the pages to be rearranged any time. There is also 1 blank page included for title page, ticket stubs, leaves and other personal scraps. A4 size Photo Archive pages hold 4 images on each side. The Postalco Photo Archive has 10 pages and can hold 80 'L-size' images (note : L-size is 89 mm x 127 mm / 3.5”x 5”).

Pressed Cotton and archival PH neutral Paper. Handmade in Japan.

In 2000 Mike Abelson, who was a designer of bags in New York, noticed that his wife Yuri, a graphic designer, was having difficulty carting around A4 size papers. He created an envelope-shaped case for her, with a button closure, and cloth and leather he happened to have on hand. That modest beginning led to the founding of Postalco. Now Postalco is based in Tokyo for over a decade, working with traditional Japanese skills and methods to produce the finest stationary, bags and rainwear. What sets Postalco’s designs apart are their supreme utility and ineffable warmth blended with the beauty of understatement.

If this product gets wet, pat dry with a soft cloth to absorb any liquid. With strong rubbing the color may come off leaving light spots. Please shade dry in a well ventilated area. If placed near air conditioners or heaters the item may warp.
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