Santa Cole Maija Hanging Lamp

€540,00 Incl. tax

This is the new hanging lamp version based on the original 1955 design and re-edited in two sizes: Maija S and Maija L. Its translucent white glass diffuser helps to nuance and focus the light. In the language of Finnish functionalism, the Maija series conveyed the feeling of Baltic light from the inside outwards, with a graceful, durable structure reminiscent of the childish honeycomb of naughty honey bee Maya, the heroine of stories and cartoons that originally inspired its name. Built-in LED. Lifetime: 40.000 h. Size Maija S: w 15 cm and h 14 cm. Weight 1,4 kg. Size Maija L: w 30 cm and h 28 cm. Weight 2,9 kg. 
This Finnish classic is also available in a white colour. And it comprises floor and tabletop versions.

An opaque white translucent glass diffuser with a matte brass structure fragmented into metallic superimposed plates, filters and directs its happy inner light. Comes with a circular ceiling rosette finished in matte nude rose.

Ilmari Tapiovaara is a pioneer in the new industrial design that arouse after World War II, when it was no more a cultural luxury asset but spread to the whole of society. Ilmari Tapiovaara was born in 1914 in Hämeenlinna (Finland), and studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, where he got in contact with functionalism, with Alvar Aalto's designs, and with the Modern movement. He then completed his training at Le Corbusier's studio. He was also greatly influenced and inspired by the contact with nature of his childhood: "Nature is the best and closest guide for industrial designers."

No special care is required, you can dust the lamp off using a soft duster.

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