Riess White Enameled Pan 0,75 ltr.

€26,00 Incl. tax

A beautiful and simple high pan with spout, you will enjoy this pan to make your favorite sauces or to heat some milk for your morning latte.
Size 16 cm. 0,75 ltr.

Riess enamel is glass on steel, inseparably joined together in a kiln. It is handmade CO² neutrally in Austria. It can be used on all oven types an it is induction-compatible. Enamel can take heat up to 450°C. Enamel is cut and scratch-resistant. Cook with less heat than usual. Enamel quickly conducts the heat into the base and walls. This way your dishes are cooked gently, the ingredients stay intact and you improve the taste experience. Always handle enamel handles and lids with a dry potholder. The core is made of iron and heats up quickly. 

The Riess family has been manufacturing cookware for nine generations. Since 1922, Riess has been producing high quality enamel cookware, which is produced CO² neutrally with their own hydroelectric power. 

This product can be cleaned in the dishwasher. But cleaning by hand is easy as well because of the smooth, non-porous surface made of glass. IEnamel is very hard. However, impact from hard objects, dropping on hard floors or severe knocks with kitchen aids can lead to the glass surface chipping. If the glass layer on the outside chips in spite of taking all necessary care, this is only cosmetic damage. The cookware can still continue to be used. In the case of chips on the inside, we recommend replacing the product, as optimum hygiene is no longer guaranteed.

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