Pantoufle goes Japan

During our stay in this amazing country we travelled from Tokyo to Kagoshima. From there we flew to the subtropical Amami islands. And then back to Tokyo and by Shinkansen to Toyama.


This journey has been nothing less than one of the most inspiring visits of my life. I traveled together with my love Lennaert Ruinen, who is a photographer. Most of the images you will see are made by Lennaert. It was a joy to be able to travel and experience this country together. Our guide during this journey was Taku-san. Thank you Taku-san for your energy and kindness. We look very much forward to seeing you again this month here in the Netherlands.


We have met so many talented and kind people who all lovingly told us about their products, materials, techniques and crafts. In the coming weeks we will share their stories with you. Hoping to inspire you in the same way as we were during our stay at their homes and their workshops.


Esther Blankers