Set of 3 Pallarès Solsona Handmade Kitchen Knives

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The perfect kitchen knives, made out of stainless steel and a solid wooden handle. Each piece is hand-stamped.
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The perfect set of 3 kitchen knives, made out of stainless steel and three different solid wooden handles. Each piece is hand-stamped. Size 20 cm knife and 10 cm blade.

Carbon steel and box wood

Stainless steel and  ebony wood

Stainless steel and oak wood

The knife industry is a tradition in Solsona that dates back to the sixteenth century. The company Pallarès, founded in 1917, is today the only testimony to Solsona’s renowned knife-making industry. Throughout its history, Cuchillería Pallarès has chosen and still chooses the materials seeking out the highest quality, and its main aim is the quality of the cutting edge, which is why all knives are sharpened by hand.

For the two stainless steel knives; wash this knife by hand and always make sure to keep your knive dry. 

Carbon steel is harder than stainless steel and it will keep its sharp edge longer before needing to be sharpened. But you have to give it some love and attention. Wash by hand and always make sure to dry immediately as carbon steel will rust when it remains wet.