SyuRo Tin Box

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This is a handmade tin box perfect for storing your cards or other small belongings. Its size is 64 mm (w) x 99 mm (l) x 48 mm (h).
This product is made of solid copper. It has a bright polish at first, but the color gradually gets darker to show a distinctive patina due natural oils and your hands.
Masuko Unayama grew up in Taito ward of Tokyo and was raised by her father who worked as a jewelry designer. After studying arts and design she worked as a light designer. In 1999 she became an independent designer with the desire to create something using her own hands. After working as a flower stylist and studying under Ms. Masako Tani Masuko established SyuRo as a design company for household goods design. SyuRo takes pride in delivering Japanese tradition and artisans’ skills as daily goods. Each of these canisters is handcrafted in Japan at the SyuRo studio in Tokyo. The craftmen use their traditional for cutting and hammering the canister into shape. The copper has small scratches at the surface created by the hands of the maker. This is part of their natural beauty.
We think this material ages so gracefully you will probably let it age naturally and change color as it oxidises.