Santa Cole Headhat Lamp

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This is the new hanging Maija lamp version based on the original 1955 design of Ilmari Tapiovaara and re-edited in two sizes: Maija S and Maija L. Its translucent white glass diffuser helps to nuance and focus the light.
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PLEASE NOTE that this product is custom made to order, and cannot be exchanged, returned or cancelled.

A flexible set of hanging lamps with shades (Hats) of differing sizes that give multiple uses to an ingenious light capsule (Head), forming a simple system with a minimalist and flexible design that gives great warmth to LED lighting. Its interchangeable, modular components and technology make this a product with a long life cycle and easy to recycle. HeadHat fosters good heat dissipation, a lighting experience without glare and is straightforward for users to set up. 

5 metal circular ceiling plate options with power supply incorporated:
- Not dimmable: white or black surface-mounted ceiling plate with matte finish.
- Suitable for dimming systems 1-10V (external dimmer switch 1-10V not included): white or black surface-mounted ceiling plate with matte finish and power supply incorporated.
- Built in rosette

Capsule with LED module, translucent white diffuser and heat sink with black matte finish.
White ceramic shade with matte finish interior and gloss exterior. 

Electric cable length (black): 3 m / 118.1" - 8 m / 315"

Weight: 1,1 kg