Atelier Pierre Culot vase blue & green enamel

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A unique handmade vase made by Atelier Pierre Culot. Dimensions approx: 22 h x 14 x 14
A unique handmade vase made by Atelier Pierre Culot. Dimensions approx: 22 h x 14 x 14 cm.

Earthenware; Every piece is one-of-a-kind and has the character and uniqueness of hand-made quality with freely applied blue and green enamel.
Pierre Culot (1938-2011) was a ceramicist and sculptor. Having studied at the École d’art de l’abbaye de Maredsous, he developed his skills through contact with the leading post-war ceramicists. Sculpture became a more important part of his work as of the 1970s. The utilitarian ceramics of Pierre Culot hark back to traditional rural pottery. This is sober and robust crockery in classic and simple shapes. This simplicity is translated by the rejection of any superfluous element. The enamel is discreet, applied freely. This line runs throughout Pierre Culot’s entire œuvre.The artist also developed a set of more personal square shapes. The traces of turning are visible. In this way he turns his back on a consumer society that offers uniform and industrial products. The artist’s work also translates a desire to return to his roots and to the beauty of simple, basic things. The artist demonstrated his common mindset with traditional potters, which would never leave him.

We recommend washing this piece by hand.