Aust-In Ceiling Lamp by Hans Verstuyft

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A stunningly beautiful lamp with clean lines and warm white LED light, designed by Hans Verstuyft.
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A stunningly beautiful lamp with clean lines and warm white LED light. Austere’ can mean sleek, linear and/or stripped of excess. And also slender and tranquil just like an ethereal silhouette. It can’t get purer than this. Complete coverage and absolutely discrete. The AUSTERE is gracious, clearly practical. Its beam of light is like a Chinese lantern, a small and simple lamp that feels natural in any location. The construction of this light fitting is subtle and practical. The AUSTERE fits in everywhere be it a kitchen, reading area or bedroom. A classic in a modern interior or a modern touch adding to a classic design.

Please note you can choose between a fixed lamp (picture 1) or an adjustable version (picture 2).

LED Drivers

If you have any questions about choosing the right LED driver, just contact us at [email protected]. If you would want to install several Aust ins, there are LED drivers available for connecting multiple lamps. Just send us a message for more technical information.

The lamp is made from brass. 

The Austere collection is designed by Hans Verstuyft Architects and produced by hand by Trizo21.