FD Møbler B98 - Bookcase Oak Solid - 36 x 54 cm

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The J80 is an iconic dining chair by Jørgen Bækmark, the only surviving designer from the FDB Møbler design studio. Designed in the 1960s, this chair still speaks loud and clear today.
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These time-honored, functional shelves offer you a myriad of options. Designed in 1944. Made of solid oak. Mogens Koch’s bookcase is eternally up-to-date, in a simple style that harmonizes perfectly with the Nordic design that made Denmark famous. In addition, the bookcases could be horizontal or vertical, either on a base or mounted on a wall.

The bookcases can stand freely with up to two boxes, with or without a base. The base / plinth can be found here.

When using more than two, the unit must be anchored to the wall. For wall mounting, use the pre-drilled holes in the bookshelf, matched with anchors that are appropriate for your wall. 

Size 36 x 54 cm and available in 3 depths: 20, 28 or 32 cm.


This bookcase is made of varnished oak, FSC certified from European forests. Note: Wood is a natural material, and slight differences in appearance can occur, even small variations in the same piece of furniture. 


Mogens Koch designed this wooden bookcase and its elegant fittings at the FDB Møbler design studio in 1944, and it has remained one of his most popular designs. His intention was to offer a range of setup combinations, using as few elements as possible. The result was a bookcase with two possible depths and four possible bases.


Wipe with a clean, barely damp cloth.